Circular Economy

About Summit

Unlock the Power of Circular Economy with Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit. Embrace the immense potential and explore endless possibilities as we embark on a transformative journey toward sustainability.

Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

Focus on the overall principles of the Circular Economy and how they can be applied to Bangladesh’s economy as a whole and manufacturing sectors alike. It will unpack the foundations that should be in place for the transition to circularity can take place in equitable ways and avoid possible pitfalls.

The first half will also include cases to understand how the circularity principles can be applied to diverse industries like construction, pharmaceuticals, or electronics; and align their business models to global supply chains.

Bangladesh Circular Apparel & Textiles Forum

Focus will be on the apparel and textile industry, zooming in on how circularity principles are being applied/adopted in the RMG industry. This day will explore emerging and scaled-up circular solutions, and industry best practices and share lessons for the apparel industry from other industries.

It will delve into how a manufacturer can best accelerate circularity and what is needed from different stakeholders.

The Man Behind the Show

Mr. Mostafiz Uddin is a visionary promoting circularity in the apparel industry through social and environmental ethics. He drives innovation and change, making him a key player in the future of sustainable fashion. He advocates for critical issues such as circular business models, sustainable materials, and supply chain transparency to create a more circular and sustainable ecosystem.

He is highly committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the apparel and textile industry, particularly with regard to social and environmental sustainability. He is a passionate advocate for the transition from a linear to a circular model of production and consumption.

Mostafiz Uddin

Founder & CEO, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange