Circular Economy

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See What Happened at The Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit This Year!

Opening Session – Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

Plenary Session 01: The Bangladesh Economy – The Path Towards A Circular Economy?

Plenary Session 02: Circular Cities

Plenary Session 03: Accelerating Circular Economy in Apparel & Textile – The Role of Policy

Plenary Session 04: Lessons Learnt And Next Steps For Post Industrial Recycling In Bangladesh

Fireside Chat Session: Decent Work In A Circular Economy – How To Achieve A Just Transition

Keynote Session 01: Circular Economy Myth Busting: A Shared Understanding

Keynote Session 02: Circular Economy In Bangladesh: Challenges And Opportunities

Keynote Session 03: Circular Business Models And Design For Apparel Industry In Bangladesh

Presentation 01: Circularity Gap Report 2023

Presentation 02: Blueprint For A Circular & Sustainable Future

Presentation 03: Circularity – The Journey is the Destination

Online Presentation: Coming into Action: How The Government Can Play Their Role!